Broadcast Department
For inquiries, please contact:
Tony Burton, New York
David Swift, Los Angeles

Since its inception in 1977, Don Buchwald & Associates has represented some of the top personalities in the broadcast community. With radio as its foundation, the company now boasts a strong roster of television broadcast talent as well.

DBA takes pride in its clients, whose interests and goals come first, and limits its list in order to maximize the careful handling of careers. We take advantage of creative and entrepreneurial opportunities for our celebrity talent and our newer additions to the broadcast world. In so doing, we help to develop new formats and hosting opportunities and produce programming and packaging deals.

Our radio clients are prominent in local markets throughout the world, in syndication through the internet and, of course, on Sirius XM satellite radio.

In television our clients are seen on all broadcast networks and cable channels as well as subscription television companies.

Tony Burton, David Swift and Don Buchwald are senior agents in the broadcast department. All three are highly motivated and refreshingly candid.