Company Directory
Don Buchwald, Owner, Founder
Broadcast Department
New York
Don Buchwald - President, Founder
Tony Burton - Agent
Los Angeles
David Swift - Agent

Commercial Department
New York
Robyn Stecher - Executive Vice President
David Elliott - Agent
Michael Raymen - Agent
Katherine Ryan - Agent
Robyn Starr - Agent
Robin Steinfeld - Director, Promotions Dept.
Hugh P. Klitzke - Studio Manager

Print and Beauty
Stephanie Bellarosa - Agent

Digital and Branded Lifestyle
Jessy Grossman - Agent
Maximilian Ulanoff - Agent

New York
Ricki Olshan - Executive Vice President
David Lewis - Agent
Jonathan Mason - Agent
Kevin McEleney - Agent
Saraphina Monaco - Agent
Joanne Nici - Agent
Los Angeles
Julia Buchwald - President
Sheree Cohen - Vice President, Talent
Ty Allen - Agent
Michael Carr - Agent
Ben Gorman - Agent
Gordon MacDonald - Literary Agent
Angelo Padilla - Agent
Donyea Rochlin - Literary Agent
Hannah Roth - Agent
Bryan Walsh - Agent

Young Talent
New York
Pam Goldman - Agent
Leslie Zaslower - Agent
Sheri Talkovsky - Agent
Los Angeles
Tim Weissman - Agent

Comedy and TV Packaging
Conan Smith - Agent
Charles Weber - Agent

East Coast Administration
Don Buchwald - CEO, President
Stephen Fisher - CFO, Vice President
Finance and Administration
Delene Copeland
Rebecca Mendoza
Business Administration
Ana Mouradian

West Coast Business Administration
Julian Cain

Business Legal Affairs
Richard Basch - Executive Vice President, Legal and Administrative Affairs
Kelly Campbell - Business Affairs Associate

Talent Payment
Ana Mouradian
Joanne DePersia
Bryan Brooks
Susan Langford
Gloria Murray
Steve Perez
Katrina Rosa

Information Technology
Fred Ciappetta - Director
Ed Brady - Systems Administrator