Youth Department
For inquiries, please contact:
Pamela Goldman, New York
Sheri Talkovsky, New York
Tim Weissman, Los Angeles
Leslie Zaslower, New York

Founded in 1999, Don Buchwald & Associates, Inc.'s Young Talent division is a full service department representing actors between the ages of 4 and 20 in all areas of the entertainment industry. Clients have had prominent roles in major studio and independent feature films, on television, Broadway and in numerous on-camera and off-camera commercials.

One of the department’s primary goals is to develop young talent, to launch the careers of performers who will eventually be represented as adults by the appropriate division at Don Buchwald & Associates, Inc. The Young Talent department is unique in that it holds strong alliances with the other divisions, yet still maintains a very personal, nurturing approach to the specific needs of our young artists and their parents.

Pamela Goldman has been with Don Buchwald & Associates, Inc. in New York since 2003 and works alongside Leslie Zaslower. Tim Weissman joined the Los Angeles office in March 2014.